About Blanquette

Blanquette is produced in a relatively small area around Limoux. This is a natural sparkling wine produced by a process that dates back nearly 500 years. The more that you delve into the history, the origins, and associations of la bulle (the bubble), the greater becomes the fascination for this area and the spirit and sparkle of Limoux, the region that provided the world with the ORIGINAL BRUT.

What we bring you is a high quality product where the whole vinification process is controlled from vineyard to bottle by the producers following the regulations laid down by the 'AOC du Languedoc'.

In association with our friend and local expert Alexandre Aparicio (who we gratefully thank) we can now offer you via the internet the chance to buy some of the best Blanquette that is available.


Further Information

Grape varieties.

The original Blanquette Ancestrale was produced from the Mauzac (Blanquette) grape. In more recent years to produce the Crément and the Blanquette de Limoux the Chenin grape was introduced from the Loire region and the Chardonnay grape from the Bergundy region. The Mauzac gives the wine its body and aroma and the Chenin and the Chardonnay add to this by reinforcing the bouquet, freshness and finesse. All grapes are harvested by hand into small boxes to prevent damaging the fruit. Regulations also limit the yield to one of the lowest national levels of 50 hectolitres per hectare or less, thus giving the grapes a higher concentration of goodness from the roots and leaves of the vine.

This level of care is then carried through to the blending of the wine from the different grape varieties on to the bottling and beyond, as the bottles are subsequently stored for up to several years to develop their contents, aromas, taste, and the finesse of the bubbles.

The different producers naturally produce different tastes (see our 'fun chardonnay box' which will give you some insight into this), and we very much hope that you will discover one to your liking. During our tasting research we have confused some regular drinkers of bubbly at not much more than half the price of their usual choice!