It was in 1531, about 150 years before the Champagne region first produced champagne, that the monks of St. Hilaire near Limoux who had been cultivating the Mauzac grape (Blanquette), discovered natural sparkling wine, making it the Oldest Brut in the World!
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This website specialises in Blanquette French Sparkling Wine, perhaps it is the original bubbly pre-dating champagne, see history (under Information). It is not just fizzed like the white wine Prosecco to produce the bubbles. The Blanquette bubbles are naturally produced as with champagne, so it is a much more costly and a more lengthy process to produce a superior product.

Blanquette sparkling wine comes in three forms Brut, Demi-sec and Doux.

Even if you like a dry wine (Brut) please do not avoid the others as Blanquette Doux is a very refreshing drink on a warm day. It is also contains alcohol than the others. (usually 6°) . Of course we have no need to tell you that drinking alcohol above the recommended levels is a danger to your health.

We have the widest choice of Blanquette available in the UK and sell in SINGLE GIFT BOTTLES OR MULTIPLES OF 6 BOTTLES to choice. There is an extra delivery charge for deliveries outside the normal UK delivery areas such as the Highlands & Islands.

We specialise in Blanquette de Limoux because we think that these wines, that are only allowed to be produced in a small area around Limoux, fully deserve such a specialised website.

Many think that Blanquette equals and betters many of the sparking wines from the Champagne Region.